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It’s a fact that a majority of the football fans do not know everything about FC Barcelona. The facts that we are going to share with you in this blog post are surely not known to everyone. There’s at least one fact that you do not know about and is worth knowing being a football fan.

There’s Not Just One Club in Barcelona

That is correct, a lot of football lovers out there think that FC Barcelona is the only big football club in Barcelona. Let’s tell you that there is another football club in the city that enjoys a big deal of support from the locals.

This second team named The RCD Espanyol was formed in 1900. You will be surprised to learn that this team was the first team in Spain which had all Spanish players in it.

The team is in close affinity with the rich neighborhood of Sarria – situated in the suburbs of the city. Moreso, what is cooler is that the team has a long history of strong rivalry with FC Barcelona.

A Style of Playing Football Unique to Them

If we look back into the history of football, arguably the most famous football player in Baraca who was also a great manager is Johann Cruyff. Johan Cruyff was a Dutch born, and he joined Barcelona in the year 1973 before moving to the United States of America.

After a few years, Johann made a return to Barca in the late 80s. However, this time he returned as the manager, and in this capacity, he was awarded for founding the internationally renowned ‘Dream Team’.

Also, this is the man who introduced a unique style of playing football, popularly known as tiki-taka. The style is often referred to as the Total Football philosophy for the usefulness and effectiveness of the style.

Most-Popular ‘Second-Team’ in the European Continent

Surveys have shown that when the natives from different European countries were asked about the team they gave the second priority on their most favorite list. The answer by most people was in the favor of FC Barcelona.

FC Barcelona is an esteemed football club that’s loved by many football fans across the continent. Also, the team enjoys a huge fanbase on social media that avidly posts about the team and supports it. The fans always have a lot to say and there’s always something to post about. From updates about FC Barcelona top scorers the last years to the current stats, fans love to share information and photos.

Interesting Fact About Club Ownership

The FC Barcelona stands out as one of the world’s tiny minority of clubs that are owned by its members.

All the important decisions are made by the governing body. And the owning members of the group form the governing body, and in the late 2010s, there were about 140,000 members in Catalan.

It’s quite worthwhile to be a part of when we take the fact that Barca was announced by Forbes as the world’s second most popular club.

The Founder was a Swiss

Although the club has a strong association with an identity that’s very Catalan, the club was actually founded by a man who was of Swiss origin. The Swiss entrepreneur named Hans Gamper was the man who founded the club.

It was out of the man’s keen desire to form a local team that he published an advertisement in a local newspaper about a meeting in a local gymnasium. This meeting was attended by 11 people.

Later on, Mr. Hans Gamper became president of the club and renamed himself Joan Gamper. He changed his name in a move to make it easier for the locals to pronounce his name.