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Barcelona are now closer than ever to bringing in Golden Boot winner Robert Lewandowski this summer. The striker’s contract expires in 2023, and he clearly does not want to stay at the club.

While Barcelona remains connected to Lewandowski, Bayern Munich officials have openly stated that he will, in fact, fulfil his contract, even if he does not want to.

But comments from the striker’s agent could very well mean Lewandowski to Barcelona could actually happen!

Pini Zahavi, Lewandowski’s agent, spoke to BILD.

“For Robert, Bayern is history,” Zahavi exclaimed, before anything else. He then went on to talk about a potential move and their plans ahead of the summer transfer window.

“Robert has a chance to move to the club that he has always dreamt of. Why is Bayern denying him this opportunity?”

“Robert wants to leave this summer. Neither he nor I care about the money. The truth is that he has been disrespected by Bayern Munich for months. They have lost Lewy, not only as a player but also as a person,” Zahavi revealed.

“I actually had no intention of speaking in public. I have great respect for a historic club like Bayern, but I couldn’t help myself but react to the club’s latest statements,” he said.

“Robert Lewandowski is an intelligent man, and he knew what was going around him and what Bayern were planning. They wanted to replace him with Haaland, even Erling’s father confirmed it to him. There is no secret in football.”

Frank Ribery thinks Lewandowski should go to Barca

Franck Ribery has experience playing alongside Robert Lewandowski and believes the Bayern Munich striker would benefit from a move to Barcelona.

Ribery was asked about the transfer speculation, and he believes Barcelona would be a nice destination even though the team isn’t at their best right now.

“Barca is Barca. Sure, they have their problems, but even if they are not as strong as 5-6 years ago, they are still big,” he said.

“It is known that then they had an amazing team, players who played together for many years. Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Pique, Alves, Alba… It’s different now, but there is no shortage of talent there. Yes, if Lewy were to leave Bayern, Barcelona would be a good choice.”

“He has been with the club for many years. It’s perfectly normal to think it’s time to change. I think, and it actually results from his words, that he already needs it badly. Please understand me well: Bayern is a great club, one of the biggest in the world, but sometimes you just want and need a change. This is the case with Robert,” he added.

“A footballer forced to stay can be frustrated and angry. However, I would love to find a solution that will make everyone happy. I understand the club because it will be very difficult to find a new Lewandowski. I repeat: we are talking about the best striker in the world in recent years. Nobody sells such a player willingly.”