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The highly rated Blues midfielder is eager to mould his own game on numerous Barcelona stars.

The midfielder has demonstrated some real possibility in the center of the pitch also has looked up to players such as Busquets who can subtly dictate a match.

“When I was young I’d like to observe [Cristiano] Ronaldo and [Lionel] Messi, as everybody did, but once I began analysing my match more and watching who I’d advance and expect to be like, it was like [Andres] Iniesta, Xavi, [Cesc] Fabregas, them all kind of gamers,” Gilmour informed Sky Sports.

“It was just a thing that I loved seeing, seeing they pass the ball, get the ball and what was sharp.

“Busquets too, when you see Barcelona, you see Busquets separately and what happens. However, while you see Barcelona, you do not actually see Busquets.

“But that is the type of player I have always looked around and only wanted to be this sort of player to get on the ball and make things happen.”

Among Gilmour’s finest performances so far came at a 2-0 FA Cup triumph over Liverpool at March along with the adolescent says he had been singled out for praise by Scotland captain Andy Robertson following the game.

“He came to me after the match and he was only saying’Well done, you played very well, keep doing this and hopefully see you soon in the first-team’,” he explained.

“So that was fantastic to hear that by the captain of the nation.”

Gilmour, who came up through the ranks of Rangers, has also formerly turned heads off the pitch, showing a short teaser career for fashion label Burberry.

“I’ve got a call from my agent and that I was only saying’We’ve got a phone from Burberry, they are asking in the event that you’d like to do some modelling’,” Gilmour said.

“So my father phoned me and said’What could you think about doing this’, so I am giving it a little, saying’Obviously’, such as bantering with him, then I receive a phone call from my agent saying you will be meeting up someplace with Burberry. I say ‘What is that?’ And he said ‘You are modelling for them did your daddy not state?’

“So I ended up doing a few shots for Burberry, it had been great, something different, but it was amusing, I got a little stick.”