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The top teams in La Liga have expressed their desire to recruit Kounde. While waiting for an official offer from Catalunya, the 23-year-old sensation has attended Sevilla’s preseason training camp in Portugal.

The decision by Sevilla to sell Jules Kounde is still being discussed in the headlines. The story’s most significant turn is imminent and getting attention like the esport betting popularity.

Even though Chelsea was rumored to be willing to pay €65 million (£55 million/$66 million) for Kounde, he is likely to sign with another club.

So, the narrative continues, and Kounde must still wait. He is under contract with Chelsea but also desires to play for Barcelona. He has discussed this with both Thomas Tuchel and Xavi.

It’s Barcelona vs. Chelsea

If Chelsea and Sevilla were close to finalizing a deal for the French central defender a week ago, but Chelsea had not yet confirmed the offer to the Andalusian club’s board, a lot has changed.

Since the London club has not commented, it is evident that they have abandoned their efforts to sign him.

Sunday night, Sevilla played Sporting CP in a friendly in Lisbon, although Jules Kounde did not travel with the club.

While Xavi’s squad prepares for the 2022–23 season, the directors and executives of Barcelona are in the United States. However, negotiations between the two nations continue.

Despite verbally agreeing to do so, Chelsea never submitted a second bid for Kounde, and their ambitions of acquiring the house that Romelu Lukaku, who was on loan at Inter, left behind this summer may have to be abandoned.

Even though he is uncertain of his future, he continues to train with Sevilla at their training camp in Lagos. People who knew the football player reported that he appeared depressed a few days ago.

Kounde has been staying with a personal trainer at the hotel as he works on several projects and makes plans. Even though he was unaware of what would transpire, he appeared relaxed at the hotel.

Barcelona has planned the addition of French central defender Jules Kounde. In fact, before informing fans of the contract, they allowed them to purchase club shirts bearing Kounde’s name on the back.

Nevertheless, he maintains his composure and has not presented Sevilla with a request. He will not attempt to push his way out, and the Rojiblancos do not believe he will state that he will only play for one club.

After being unable to leave Sevilla last summer, the central defender is anticipated to depart this summer, though it is unclear whether he will head to Chelsea or Barcelona.

It appeared that a deal had been reached with Chelsea, as the agreed-upon funds and manner of payment were all in place.

The Blues are disappointed after Barcelona won the game in the final minute.

Kounde was meant to remain in Andalusia until he knew his future, but he joined Sevilla in Lagos after hearing that Camp Nou could be interested in signing him. As fans, many fans have turned to esports bets; however, soon the soccer league will be back as the new signings roar on the pitches and our attention will return harder to the league.

Does Barcelona Already Have Him?

However, the transaction has not yet been finalized. Barcelona is still waiting to see whether they can prevent the transfer, even though the Catalan club had practically given up hope days ago.

Even though Barcelona’s interest was apparent, as of Sunday morning, they had not contacted Sevilla or made a single phone call to the defender.

Even though Barcelona has no requirements, Kounde is willing to wait for them to stabilize their finances while Chelsea works on other objectives.

Sevilla is unlikely to reduce its asking price for a domestic opponent; any transfer will cost between €60 million and €65 million.

Sevilla desires this drama to finish as quickly as possible, while Barcelona is aware that the longer it continues, the greater their chances are of securing a contract.

Now, everything has changed. Remember that Chelsea has altered its mind; this is the essential fact. They have not commented on the agreement they reached with Sevilla.

Kounde did not care where the offer originated as long as it was from a major European club. Whether it was Barcelona, Chelsea, or another famous Champions League club, he has never instructed Sevilla to accept or decline an offer depending on the offeror.

Barcelona is about to sign their third most-desired player of the summer, behind Robert Lewandowski and Raphinha. We are looking forward to a season where Barcelona’s odds are going to be as attractive as the esports odds